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Digital Resources Quick Reference

In light of the library closure related to the COVID-19 situation, this guide provides students with a quick reference for using the Library's digital resources.

Using Digital Resources

Logging In

In order to access many of the databases and e-resources listed below, you will need to be logged in using your Southern Profile (i.e. your Canvas username and password).

You can log in:

  • by clicking on "My Account" underneath the main search bar.
  • when prompted when trying to access an e-resource.



Patrons can access electronic books through the library website.

  • In the main search bar, search for a keyword (or title, or author, etc.).
  • On the left hand side, under the "Format" filter select "eBook."
  • Click on the link that says "View eBook."
  • This will take you to another page (often, EBook Central) where you can read or download the item.


  • If "eBook" is not available in the filter list, the Library may not have an electronic copy of the item you need.
  • You can read books online instead of downloading them (which is like checking a physical book out). This ensures that other patrons will have quicker access to resources.
  • If you are unable to access an eBook, it may be that someone else has downloaded (i.e. checked out) that item.



Journals and articles can be accessed through various means.

Main Search Bar
  • Using the library website through the main search bar you can search the name of a journal or article using the Books++ tab which searches through the Library's catalog.
    • For journals, you can click on the "Access Journal" button, which will take you to a page where you can search through the available volumes of the that title
    • For articles, you can click on the "View full text" button, which will take you to page where you can view the article
  • You can also use the Articles tab on the main search bar for searching for articles.
    • This will search through our various databases, not the Library's catalog.
    • Click on the "PDF Full Text" link to access the article.

You can search for journals and articles directly through our databases.

The Library's selection of databases can be accessed through our Databases & E-Resources page.

  • Select the database you need (e.g. Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials) which will take you to a new page for EBSCO Host.
  • In the search bar, search for the journal or article that you need, and select the appropriate field if you need.
  • If you need to search a different database (e.g.Christian Periodical Index), select "Choose Databases" from above the search bar. You can select multiple databases if you need. 


  • If you know the name of the article that you need, it can be faster to simply use the Articles tab on the library search bar.
  • Just because you cannot access an article through the Articles tab does not mean we do not have access to it! It is always best to try searching for an article through multiple ways.
  • On the EBSCO Host page, there is a button for "Scriptures" at the top. This will allow you to search for any articles within the selected databases that reference the Scripture passage.
  • It is often MUCH easier to search for journals and articles through the main search bar on the library website than going through the databases directly.
  • If the Library does not have access to an article that you need, try simply googling the article name. Often times, author's have their work available for free through a personal website or an page.

Databases & E-Resources

There is often much confusion as to what is defined as a database. This will explain some of the items that can be found on the Databases & E-Resources page. 


Some databases are designed for searching through periodicals (i.e. journals, magazines). These include, but are not limited to:

  • Atla Religion Database with AtlaSerials
  • Academic Search Complete
  • Christian Periodical Index
  • Galaxie Software Theological Journals
  • Southern Baptist Periodical Index


The Library has electronic access to world class dictionaries, such as:

  • Oxford English Dictionary Online
  • Rav-Milim


The Library has electronic access to full books through various databases that may not always be found through the Library catalog. These resources include:

  • Early English Books Online
  • Oxford Handbooks Online
  • Chicago Manual of Style (17th edition)

Through May 31st, Cambridge University Press on Cambridge Core has made 1000's of textbooks available for free. These can be accessed through Cambridge Journals Online.


There are many, many other resources available on the Databases & E-Resources page, including resources relating to:

  • Music
  • Old Testament
  • New Testament
  • Dissertations

With so much available, you will be able to continue your studies even from a distance!


Requesting Physical Resources

Article/Chapter Requests

Patrons may request scans of articles or portions of a book within copyright limitations (typically 1 chapter or 10% of a work).

Items that SBTS Owns

  • Article/Chapter Requests can be completed by filling out this form.
  • A form must be completed for every scan request. Multiple requests cannot be submitted through one form.
  • If you are not sure what section you need:
    • Check Amazon or Google Books. The Table of Contents is typically available for preview so you can know exactly the page range you need before submitting a request
    • You can request a scan of the Table of Contents or an index to better know which pages you need
  • It is best to give the exact page range that you need instead of generic references
    • BAD:
      • "I need most of chapter 2."
      • "Please scan all the references to Matt 5:1"
    • GOOD:
      • "I need pages 23-48."
      • "Please scan the following pages with references to Matt 5:1—ix, 6, 23, 45-48"

Items through ILL

If the Library does not own the item that you need, you can still request it but delivery may be contingent on the lending library's current situation.

For articles, see this page.

For chapter requests, follow the instruction on this page and add a note stating the page ranges that you need.


The ILL staff can be reached at

Public Domain

There are many older resources that are available in the public domain. If the resource you need is old (before 1920), likely it has been digitized already and is available online.

Some resources include: