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Typing in Biblical Languages

This guide will teach you how to set up your keyboard layout, install new keyboard layouts, choose the right font, and customize your word processors all for use with the biblical languages.


This page will show you how to set up different character style in your word processor.

Taken from here.

  • Display the Styles task pane by pressing Ctrl+Shift+Alt+S
  • Select the New Style button
  • Type a name in the Name text box, then from the Style Type drop-down list, select Character.
  • Select the font and size
  • In the bottom left corner, select Format > Font
    • Select the Advanced tab and make sure "Use Contextual Alternates" has a check (this is especially important for SBL Hebrew)
  • Select Format > Language and set the correct language
  • Click OK and the character style is available to use