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Commentary Survey

A basic guide to available commentary sets


This libguide is a major work in progess.

Our overarching premise is to provide a quick synopsis and highlight various differences and advantages to each commentary set found in the SBTS Library. One advantage to this libguide is the broad analysis of commentary sets and highlighting aspects each volume should provide the reader. A major disadvantage is, as D.A. Carson states, "series are almost always uneven" (Carson, NT Commentary Survey, 17). Therefore, though each commentary set has multiple presuppositions governing the entire series, each volume is governed by the abilities and efforts of each author.


1. Critical Commentary Sets - This section will focus on critical analysis of the text, such as historical, source, form, redaction, etc. criticism. Some will be exegetical and expositional in nature. The ICC commentary set will be found in the category; however, so will the NTL set because it doesn't use technical langauge and interaction with the Greek text (Greek is transliterated).

2. Exegetical Commentary Sets - This section will focus on the original language but will not necessarily be focused on critical study. There may be some overlap over between this and the critical sets (e.g., Nolland, Matthew, NIGTC).

3. Expositional Commentary Sets - This section will focus on the verse-by-verse analysis of the English text. Exposition will typically be for the english reader and non-biblical language user. The NAC and EBC series would naturally be found within this category.