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Systematic Theology

An overview of the resources for the study of categories common to Systematic I, II, and III

Introduction to Using this Guide

Welcome to the Systematic Theology LibGuide.  Let the tabs along the lefthand side guide you to relevant works related to the traditional categories of systematic studies.  Note that the works in each category are not exhaustive.  They are, rather, works typically used at SBTS. Moreover, many of them come from the recommended reading list for preparation for the Systematic Theology Comprehensive Exam given at SBTS in the Ph.D. program.


Relevant Locations in the Library

Books related to Systematic Theology that are available for circulation @JPBCL are located on the 2nd and 3rd floors.

  • BS 410-680 Works about the Bible (2nd floor)
  • BT 10-1480 Doctrinal Theology (2nd floor goes up to BT 77.3 and the 3rd floor starts at BT 78)
  • BT 98-180 God (3rd floor)
  • BT 198-590 Christology (3rd floor)
  • BT 695-749 Creation (3rd floor)
  • BT 750-811 Salvation; Soteriology (3rd floor)
  • BT 819-891 Eschatology; Last Things (3rd floor)
  • BT 990-1010 Creeds, confessions, covenants, etc. (3rd floor)
  • BT 1095-1255 Apologetics, Evidences of Christianity (3rd floor)