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Loeb Online: A Tutorial

Creating a Loeb Account

On the Loeb homepage, click Sign up.

Creating this account gives you the ability to save highlights, make notes, or mark certain volumes from the library as "My Loebs." 

When you return to the site, you can simply sign in to access your annotations or My Loebs.


"My Loeb" Bookshelf

Once you have a Loeb Online account, you can bookmark volumes from the Loeb library. This adds them to your My Loeb bookshelf for quick access.

Make sure you are signed into your account, and then click the Tools button.

Click the bookmark icon.

Use the blank box to add this book to a specific collection within your bookshelf, or just click the save.

The next time you sign into your account you can simply click My Loebs at the top of the page …

… and choose where you would like to resume reading.


Highlight the text and click the pencil.

If you simply want to highlight the text without adding a note, just click save.

Your highlight will show on this portion of the text, no matter what device device you are using — personal computer, phone, tablet, etc.



Highlight a portion of the text and click the pencil icon.

Add your note to the note box and click save.

Finding your Annotations

Click My Loebs, and use the tabs to access your annotations — bookmarks, highlights, notes, etc.