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Church Planting

Foundational resources and information for students interested in church planting


Welcome to the SBTS LibGuide on Church Planting. It is our hope that this guide will be a useful starting point for your thinking, research, and writing in the area of Church Planting. The guide is compiled into five major sections:

  • Books – This section includes three bibliographies for the classroom, church, and church planter
  • Demographic Research – This page is a brief compilation of some of the most useful websites for ethnographic and demographic research/statistics
  • Ecclesiology – In order to plant churches one must have a solid understanding of the church. This page includes some of the most significant works from a general and Baptist perspective.
  • Networks/Blogs – This page consists of a short list of links to the websites and blogs of several of the most popular church planting networks and church planting leaders.
  • Periodicals – While there are not a lot of academic journals devoted to this rather new area of study, this page highlights a few that deserve your attention. Additonally, a few of the more popular magazines on church planting have been linked.