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Style Guide and Templates

This research guide provides information about and access to the Southern Seminary Manual of Style and templates for research papers and dissertations.


Students writing research papers, dissertations, etc., will find the following dissertations helpful inasmuch as they illustrate various guidelines within The Southern Seminary Manual of Style.

Joshua P. Bowman, A Critical Analysis of the Theological Method of F. Leron Shults

  • Correctly formatted title page for 2-line title
  • Correctly formatted preliminary pages
  • Combined list of table and figures (recommended when either list has only one entry)
  • Correctly formatted p. 1
  • Correctly formatted pp. 2 ff.
  • Good example of a single table (p. 146)
  • Good example of a figure (p. 323)
  • Four levels of subheadings
  • Correctly formatted abstract

John Gill, The Evangelicalism of Alexander Carson

  • Correctly formatted title page for a 1-line title
  • Good example of a list of abbreviations
  • Good example of a vita

Travis Allen Freeman, Preaching to Provoke a Worldview Change: Tim Keller's Use of Presuppositional Apologetics in Preaching

  • Correctly formatted title page for a 3-line title

Daniel Carl Peterson, A Comparative Analysis of the Integration of Faith and Learning Between ACSI and ACCS Accredited Schools

  • Correctly formatted 2-signature approval sheet
  • Good examples of tables and figures
  • Good example of a reference list (as opposed to a bibliography)