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Loeb Online: A Tutorial

SBTS and SBL Style

According to the second edition of the SBL Handbook of Style (2014), citing a volume or work in the Loeb Classical Library requires only the primary reference.

For the proper abbreviations of Greek and Latin works, see pages 141-168 in the SBL Handbook of Style.

Referring to a Text

If you are referring to a portion of the text in the second volume of Josephus' Antiquities or in Tacitus' Annales, you can simply type one of the following:

Josephus, Ant. 2.233-235.

Tacitus, Ann. 15

Quoting a Translation

If you are quoting the translation of one of these volumes, you would include the translator:

Josephus, Ant. 2.233-235 (Thackeray, LCL)

Tacitus, Ann. 15.18-19 (Jackson, LCL)


The bibliography entry for these would be as follows:

Josephus. Translated by Henry St. J. Thackeray et al. 10 vols. LCL. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1926-1965.

Tacitus. The Histories and The Annals. Translated by Clifford H. Moore and John Jackson. 4 vols. LCL. Cambridge: Harvard University Press, 1937.