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Borrowing Books & Etc.

Quick answers to some of the more common questions

Undergrad & Graduate students

How many books can I have at one time?     50

How long can I borrow books?     3 weeks

  • You may renew them twice online or over the phone. In order to renew a third time, we must see the books. At this point we will simply check them in and check them back out to you.
  • However, you cannot renew an item if another person has requested it.

Why did my due date change for this book?     This means the book has been recalled from you.

An email is sent to your student address to notify you that a recall has been placed on the book by another person. The book will then be due within 7 days. Late fees for recalled books are $5 per day late.

The book I want is checked out. What do I do?

You can request it with a hold request.

  • The button will appear above the holdings info in the catalog.
  • This will stop the auto-renew process for those who get the book for one year, giving them a minimum of 7 days to return the book.
  • This will keep others from renewing the book, forcing it to be returned at it's due date.