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Old Testament Exegesis

Essential resources for Old Testament exegesis


This site is a guide to keep you from aimlessly wandering through the thousands of volumes in the James P. Boyce Centennial Library.

Organized by tabs

The order of the tabs is intended to reflect a practical workflow: In order to do exegesis one needs a text. In order to understand the text, one utilizes lexica, concordances, and grammars. Once the text has been read, one can turn to questions of textual criticism and, eventually, the secondary sources, including OT background information.

Tabs represent certain types resources

Each tab name tells you what type of resources you will find within. For example, under Hebrew Bible Texts you will find facsimile editions of the Hebrew Bible and a few print editions of which every student should be aware. Under the Lexicons and Concordances tab you will find key lexicons and concordances, including some online and electronic resources.