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Greek & Hebrew Summer Readers

Genesis 1 – 12

4Q2 Genesis 1 from Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital LibaryAnyone interested in reading Hebrew is welcome. Our meeting time will be devoted to translating Hebrew and answering your questions about the vocabulary and grammar of each week's passage.

Image: 4Q2, opening lines of Genesis, via Leon Levy Dead Sea Scrolls Digital Library


Tuesdays, 8–9am

  • 7/12 – Genesis 1-3
  • 7/19 – Genesis 4-6
  • 7/26 – Genesis 7-9
  • 8/2 – Genesis 10-12

Meets in the Mullins Room—Library 3rd floor


Before our meetings — read & reread

Students are encouraged (but not required) to read three chapters of Genesis each week in preparation for our meetings. Feel free to use whatever tools you like to look up words. Don't allow a lack of preparation to keep you from coming.

Recommended resources: 

If you are not using a reader's Bible with vocabulary at the bottom of the page, then write in a notebook the words you look up and refer to these notes as you reread. 

Try your best to reread all three chapters at least once after working through them the first time. This is a very important step for understanding the text and committing to memory the new vocabulary. 

Bring your Hebrew Bible and any lingering questions, and we will try to make time to address them.

During our meetings — questions and translation

We will address any questions students have about the vocabulary and grammar for the week's readings, and students will be called on to translate.

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