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Borrowing Books & Etc.

Quick answers to some of the more common questions

How many books can I have checked out?


How long can I have books checked out?

Everyone is guaranteed at least 3 weeks with every book.

If your book is never requested by any other patron, you can have the book up to 1 year after checking it out.

  • Your receipt will indicate the original 3 week due date, but your book will automatically renew for up to one year.
  • When you have had the book for one year, you will get a notice that your book is now due. At this point you will have 7 days to return it.
  •  If you would like to renew the book after one year, you will need to bring it in to manually check in and then check out. There will be no waiting period between check in and check out.

If your book is requested, you will receive an email notifying you that the book is now due. At this point you will have 7 days to return it. If your book is requested within your first 3 weeks, it will not be due until after that time has passed.

Regardless the due date listed at any given time, you are responsible for managing your email notifications.

What is the rate for late fines?

Late fees for all books (requested or not) in the general collection are $1 per day late.

The book I want is checked out. What do I do?

You can request it with a hold request.

  • The button will appear above the holdings info in the catalog.
  • This will stop the auto-renew process for those who get the book for one year, giving them a minimum of 7 days to return the book.
  • This will keep others from renewing the book, forcing it to be returned at it's due date.