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Borrowing Books & Etc.

Quick answers to some of the more common questions

What is available to me?

Access to any of our electronic databases, including ATLA. Your login information is the same as your Canvas login.

Access to books we own. (See request form below)

Access to portions of books and articles physically in our library. (See article request form below.)

Access to eBooks in our catalog. After searching for a book in the search engine in the "Books" tab, there will be a category on the left side to narrow the search down to eBook.

Access to our Research Expert staff to help you begin a research project or help you through other related issues. Just give us a call at 502-897-4713 and ask for a Research Expert.

How many books can I check out and for how long?

Please see the link on the left for your degree program.

Doctoral student policies are different from undergraduate and graduate student policies.

<<Please note>>

Loan times begin before the book is shipped to you. This is part of our process that cannot be changed.

How do I get books or articles sent to me?

You can fill out one of these two forms.


Books will only be mailed to current students living in the USA.

Items not owned by our library can be requested through Interlibrary Loan (ILL).

You are responsible for the postage and safe return of all books. We recommend you insure and track your package. Send only 5 books per box. Please allow time for books to arrive on campus, be distributed to the library, and then scanned as returned.

No more than 10 books and 10 articles per individual may be requested per week. Requests exceeding this limit will be filled after all other requests are processed.

If you would like a portion of a book scanned to you, please fill out the Article Request Form.

--Book Request Form--


Please search our databases for full-text articles and e-books before requesting a scan.

Copyright guidelines will be followed so some requests may not be processed. We will provide one chapter or up to 10% of a book.

--Article Request Form-- 

What if a book is checked out?

Follow general guidelines for requesting books. We will place a hold on the item and ship it to you when it arrives. Please do not place holds on items yourself.

How long does it take to get a book shipped to me?

Generally, requests are processed and sent within 1-2 business days. Books are sent via library rate which is slower than regular mail, so please allow time for shipping. Articles, however, will be scanned and sent to your email address in roughly 2-3 business days. When a book arrives that you borrowed from ILL an "arrived hold" email will be sent to you. Please follow the instructions in the email to have the book mailed to you.

Items we can't send to you

These items cannot be sent to you, but portions of these can be scanned to you.


     Reference books

     CDs & DVDs



     Brittle books

     Material in our restricted collections

     Material in our special collections

Shipping books to SBTS Library

Where do I ship books to return or renew?

SBTS Library Circulation
2825 Lexington Ave.
Louisville, KY 40280

If you want your books renewed and shipped back to you, please leave an obvious note in the box. Otherwise, we assume books we receive are returns.

We are responsible for getting books to you, but you are responsible for the safe and timely return of all books. We recommend that you ship books with this in mind.

Contact Info

Emilee Smith
Inter-Library Loan (ILL) & Distance Education Coordinator
(502) 897-4553